Battle Hymns EP

by The Western Den

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The Western Den would like to thank our extremely supportive families as well as our unbeatable group of friends in Boston. Special thanks go to Tim Reynolds, Ro Rowan, Carson Cody, Colin Sury, Kailey Shaffer Alex Perez, Sydney Mullet, Ela Minus, and Melissa Ferrick.

Battle Hymns is specially dedicated to Rev. Colin Lorne West and Carol Hlavinka.


released May 10, 2013

All songs written by The Western Den
Recorded at Fredres Duck Studios
Produced and engineered by Jon Hubbell, Alec Alabado, Deni Hlavinka, and Chris West
Piano (Deni Hlavinka)
Acoustic Guitar (Chris West)
Banjo (Carson Cody)
Mandolin (Colin Sury)
Violin on "First Light" (Tim Reynolds)
Violin on "For The Sake of Seeking", "Desert Ground", and "The Minister" (Kailey Shaffer)
Cello (Ro Rowan)
Electric Guitar (Jon Hubbell)
Trumpet (Alec Alabado)

Album art by Ela Minus



all rights reserved


The Western Den Boston, Massachusetts

An alternative folk group of friends telling stories out of Boston, MA.


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Track Name: For The Sake of Seeking
Sought it out,
Coveting the mind to mend your stifling doubt,
Plummet down,
Fast as you can before your trials run out,
You're running out,

The Eastern sky pours through your window,
Your heart is nigh; just wait for the sign,
The fire feels better when the sun has set,
Desire feels better when you know you're next to,
The one in which you shall abide,
Not I,
Not I,

Oh, don't waste your time,
Oh, don't chase your plight,
Oh, don't brave your might,
Oh, don't burn out your light
For mine

Through darkness, brave the mountains, there you climb.
Wayfaring One, you've wandered past your guide.
Alas, you'll see what you believe is the end of darker days.
I've become the keeper of the inn,
The home that turned you away.
Track Name: Desert Ground
A hand woven basket my mother did make,
Strewn on the path I trod to sweet fields of cane.
High over Cairo, the Valley of Kings,
Where the Desert called their bodies down.

“Come on down to the desert ground”
The Lord of sand, he calls out.
Come on down to the desert ground.
Down to the desert ground, I come down.

It came down in a hurry, twirling in the air,
And the lives upon this air balloon spoke their final prayer.
Now the Canes stood high, holding out their hand,
Though the Desert’s hand was mightier, and no fall, could it withstand.

And lay there, a mother, her daughter and son,
The only three to last the fall, and tell of what’d been done.
How the Desert rules with an iron fist and nay believes in truth or grace,
And once bound by the Desert sound, ne’er we will escape.
Track Name: The Minister
What can make the minister fall?
What can shake his servant’s stature?
Belittled, broken, and forced to crawl home.
Forced to crawl home.

What can drive his shattered limbs?
Who’s to shelter over him?
For there’s a long and painful road,
Crowded with the bodies we’ve all known.

Why walk to Jericho,
To be robbed of our needs and left alone?
You are far too old,
To tread the waters of a wretched soul.

Hold on to the fire in your bones,
Don’t go; stay weary of this road.

Peace, may peace surround you with the breeze,
Don’t leave,
Don’t leave me.

What can make the minister fall?
Track Name: First Light
The morn came down and fought to promise brighter days,
But the dark, it filled the land he'd known,
And no promise could be made,
Some died for their kin; some, they died alone,
Motionless and even now is darkness' perfect home,

Darkness drowns,
Leave me drowned,

We mourn our morning's loss and alter now our gaze,
For we cannot see the garden's glow,
Nor the night between our days,
Hear our desirous hearts calling out in pain,
To rid ourselves of darkened homes and seek the morn again,

Darkness drowns,
Leave me drowned,

Though the dark will seek your ransomed hands,
He knows the tide has blown his ship, come in,
The beacon shines,

The morn came down and fought to promise brighter days,
Though the dark, it stayed a little while,
The morn, it soon became.